Blogger: "If You Can Brush Your Hair You Can Apply PANYL."

This Blone Bee PANYL project

Working isn't everybody's favorite thing to do.  But the environment you work in -- from the people around you to the drawers you keep your stapler in -- can have a big impact on your attitude towards getting things done.  Jordan from This Blonde Bee decided it was time to give her office a quick upgrade and found PANYL as a solution.

Instead of getting a whole new desk and drawers set, she perused our woodgrain selection for a finish that matched her existing pieces. How easy was this process for Jordan? “If you can brush your hair you can apply PANYL,” she wrote.

From her post:

I love the way it warms up the drawers and matches the desk perfectly. I could not be happier. Below are a few close ups of the install. You can also see a deck of all the colors and wood grains they offer that I’m obviously keeping on hand :). The Alex drawers aren’t offered on their website so I did a custom order. The PANYL crew was more than helpful with suggestions and helping me figure out exactly what I wanted.

Check out more pics on her blog.