Today Show, Country Living Recommend PANYL for an Affordable Kitchen Makeover

PANYL products have been popping up in awesome places online this month…and we're grinning electronically from ear to ear. Country Living highlighted “7 mini makeovers you can finish in a day (or less)” and mentioned PANYL's functionality for kitchen cabinets:

Updating your cabinetry can be as effortless as smoothing on contact paper. Panyl, a line of durable PVC-based adhesive sheets, comes in a wide variety of solid colors, wood grains, and patterns. And the decision needn't be final: The product peels right off should you change your mind.

We also made it to (gasp!) the Today Show website for their affordable kitchen remodels post.  Jennifer Kantor wrote:

Although there’s definitely a case to be made for investing in the best cabinets you can afford — they consume more than 75% of your kitchen space, after all — the savings potential is just too great to ignore. Custom cabinets for a standard-sized kitchen can cost upwards of $40,000, whereas ready-to-assemble cabinets from IKEA look amazing for a fraction of the price, says DeSilvia. That’s a savings of $36,000. Willing to split the difference? Add custom doors and side panels to basic IKEA cabinet boxes, suggests Amy Shakespeare, owner of the NYC-based firm Redtop Architects, or add flair with Panyl panels, a super affordable way to give your cabinets a one-of-a-kind look.

We wrote about PANYL for kitchens a while back. And now that we've added a new custom order form, creating an order that fits the exact dimensions of your cabinetry is a piece of cake. Of course, you can always email us ( with any requests or questions to get your order going.