INSIDE JOB: Furniture's Interior Surfaces Need Some PANYL Lovin', Too.

PANYL inside job cubbies

Growing up, we were taught an important lesson about looking past outside appearance for the real personality that exists within. This sentiment was captured in various adages and phrases, including "don't judge a book by its cover" and "it's what's on the inside that counts."

That lesson stuck with us and became part of the inspiration for a new, exciting way to use of PANYL: Interior surfaces.

Whether it's a drawer, door or unit with which to store, decorating the inside surfaces of your furniture can be a novel, subtle and compelling way to create. In love with the clean white front of your BESTA Tombo but still want to jazz things up? PANYL the inside door.  Don't have or want to purchase drawer fronts for your EXPEDIT (or KALLAX!) but still want to add to your room's palette? Slap some solids or patterns on those interior walls and call it a colorful day.

PANYL inside job before and after credenza

We've begun to explore the myriad possibilities of the "inside job." Some of these projects we executed in our studio and others we rendered so you could get a more complete picture. The examples above and below are but a few.

PANYL before and after inside job cubbies

To help you put this technique to work, we've created a new "Inside Job" board on Pinterest. It features DIY and designer pieces that inspire us, and we hope it will have the same effect on you.

PANYL inside job Pinterest image

Since we don't yet have PANYLs pre-cut for the inside dimensions of the various IKEA products we typically feature on, you can use our new custom order form to tell us exactly what dimensions your inside job needs. Or, as always, you can contact us directly and we can walk you through the custom ordering process.