Molly's MALM: Before & After Pics Display the Patchwork Power of PANYL

Molly's MALM PANYL before and after

If you're on our email list (if you're not, join to get free samples!), you probably saw our call for customer photographs earlier this year. A big part of our mission is to showcase as many PANYL projects as possible. After all, we are what you make.

This week, we got an ambitious submission from one Molly Greenberg. Molly's MALM was a gorgeous act of 'imitation is the highest form of flattery.' She explains:

I wanted to do something to make them more interesting and fun, and was inspired by the patchwork wood look that is popular now at places like West Elm (but way too expensive for my budget right now!).

PANYL to the rescue.  With a little help from her girlfriend Nat, her project (using Lime Oak, Driftwood, Teak, and Wenge finishes) was completed lickety-split. "I love how easy PANYL makes it to design your own space," she wrote.

We smiled wide.

Featuring customer pics on our blog is something we've done before, and something we'll do again. In fact, we'll do it about as frequently as you can send them. Just drop a line to (or head to our contact page) when your project is ready for the world to see!