Wood-Trimmed Changing Table Hack with Room on the Walls

Dress This Next Expedit changing table

Over on Dress This Nest, Yvonne is getting all rustic with her EXPEDIT changing table hack.

It's a lovely, straightforward solution to the recently discontinued, plain white storage unit. Check out her basic instructions (which she calls a "copycat" from Young House Love):

1. I don’t have a Kreg jig, so instead of joining the wood panels, I just nailed them all individually to the bookcase.

2. I used the pre-stain wood conditioner, but I used a different color stain. I chose Minwax Early American for a lighter finish. I also finished it with a clear coat in a semi-gloss to add a little shine.

3. I forgot to sand the Expedit bookshelf before applying the liquid nail. It seemed to work out fine without this step though.

When it comes to following instructions, two out of three ain't bad in our book. Yvonne used her instinct at the end and the final piece came out great.

There's room to take this design further still using PANYL.  Nine West recently showed how effective using PANYL on the inside walls of an EXPEDIT can be.  A patchwork of grays or a splash of simple tangerine might take Yvonne's piece for another turn, and bring out highlights of the room's color scheme.

Just remember to PANYL the interior walls prior to assembly :)

Above, the Dress this Nest hack and, below, its predecessor.

Dress This Next Expedit changing table