Painting Your Furniture is a Good Way to Give a Room New Life. But So is PANYLing It.

apt therapy chair image

A recent Apartment Therapy post features some of the better painted furniture upgrades the Internet has to offer.  The brightly colored pieces are great solutions for situations where walls cannot be altered.  Instead of living in color purgatory, the folks taking these design steps have boosted their quarters by changing what they can.

So we took a look at three of the featured images and found alternatives from the PANYL store so that, if you're inclined, you can replicate a similar effort without having to do any painting at all!

PANYL cinnamon besta

Adding low-cost PANYL in Cinnamon to an IKEA Besta unit (above) would be a great starting point for achieving the type of vibe pictured at top.  The light red works well with hardwood and brings color into the room while sticking to the modern cabin-lover's, 'lived-in' look.

painted furniture

Livening up a white and grey room is easy with one of our most popular finishes, Robin’s Egg. A three-drawer MALM or two-drawer SVEIO unit (a five-drawer SVEIO is pictured below) would be a nice couch-side dresser choice.

PANYL robin's egg for sveio

Of all the rooms in a house, the kitchen is mostly likely to be WHITE.  Below, the brilliant yellow of the painted chairs is the main attraction.  And while we don't sell PANYL for chairs (not grown up ones at least), our Lemon Drop finish is a guaranteed winner around the dinner table or island. And yes, we do custom kitchen work!

painted chairs

PANYL lemon drop IKEA Latt