IKEA PS2014 Collection: From Small-Space to the "Dream of a Beautiful, Functional Home"

IKEA catalog

By itself it is a cute addition to a child's room.  With a bit of vision it can become almost anything. 

IKEA has unveiled its new PS collection, a hacker- and designer-friendly combination of furniture and accessories stretching the spectrum from basic to avant-garde.  The new line, which sports a teaser video (below), features 40 pieces and was in planning for nearly five years.  PS 2014 is aimed at young, urban shoppers and focuses on affordability and ease of transport.

IKEA released the following blurb explaining the principle behind PS 2014:

Today, for the first time ever, more people live in cities than in the countryside. They move more often and live in smaller spaces. But they still dream of a beautiful, functional home that perfectly fits their lives. And perhaps most importantly, they have less money to spend. These global insights have inspired the IKEA PS 2014 collection.

The IKEA PS 2014 collection targets creative young urbanites. Therefore, it was important that it was designed by the very same creative young urbanites. And to truly make the collection globally relevant it was essential that the creative team included designers from every corner of the globe. A team of young designers was chosen to work closely with IKEA’s own in-house designers to bring IKEA PS 2014 to life.

Lifehacker highlights a few pieces from the PS catalog, including the "Balancing Bench" (above) and "Corner Rack" (below).

IKEA catalog