The EXPEDIT Is Dead! Long Live the EXPEDIT (Using PANYL!)

PANYL Expedit doors

By now you've heard the news: IKEA is discontinuing its wildly popular, seemingly untouchable EXPEDIT line.  Sigh if you haven't yet sighed.

NOW REJOICE! Because here at PANYL HQ we're seeing a Pinterest board worth of silver linings from this development.

Sure, collectors of 12" vinyl records are fuming because IKEA is killing off what they unknowingly made the most popular LP display tool since the record player itself. But the outrage (check out these 26,000 people) is a bit misguided: EXPEDIT's replacement, KALLAX, has the same interior dimensions as its predecessor.

You know what else KALLAX has in common with EXPEDIT? It's PANYLable as all heck. So as soon as we can, we'll be adding K-Lax (let's just nickname it now and be done with it) to our store.

You'll notice, however, that we didn't say we'll be replacing EXPEDIT with KALLAX. Au contraire. PANYL for EXPEDIT ain't goin' nowhere.  We remain your one-stop shop for customizing this iconic product in vibrant solid colors, woodgrains and patterns.  You might not be able to go buy any more EXPEDITs (they're still on shelves in most places as of today), but you'll still be able to make your EXPEDIT new again using PANYL.  

Final silver lining: Reminiscing about EXPEDIT is fun and inspiring.  There are at least 46 rooms featuring the storage/display units (probably closer to 46 million).  And here are Poppyhaus' Best IKEA EXPEDIT Hacks.  We're proud to be included!

PANYL Expedit doors

PANYL Expedit doors