Instructions? Pfft. Parts of Various IKEA Items Recombined as Incredible, One-of-a-Kind Pieces

Teste de legno Lato B series

The Italian Design firm Teste de legno has released their Lato B series, a compilation of incredible IKEA hacks inspired by the concept of buying IKEA furniture and ignoring the assembly directions.  In combining various items, Teste de legno has created a mini-kitchen, cabinet, hanging plant/lamp combo and a shelving unit.

Featured on, Lato B should supply infinite inspiration for those looking to take their IKEA hacks to the next level.

IKEA products have long been seen as a springboard for DIY creativity, with some interpretations crazier than others. Putting together a room full of furniture and finding that you have half a dozen extra parts might inspire anyone to try to make use of them. But Lato B takes that one step further by creating entirely new pieces that are visually interesting and actually functional…

“The nice thing about Ikea instructions is that they speak a language without words, that everyone can understand,” the designers say. “All you have to do is keep calm when faced with dozens and dozens of screws, hooks, washers and flat boards of various shapes. After finishing one piece of furniture, we were about to assemble the next when we had the idea of “enriching” the first piece of furniture with some parts of the second, thus inventing a third one.”

Clearly, this series represents IKEA hacking at it’s finest. But that doesn't mean bits and pieces of this inspired approach can't inform smaller scale projects for you and yours. Take this "Rachet Monster" we made out of Expedit, Besta Tombo cabinets and a gigantic ratchet tie-down strap, for instance :)

PANYL ratchet monster