Billy, Malm, and a Man With a Plan: Baby Closet Hack Edition

Ciaran Mahoney's baby closet IKEA Hack sports great functionality, especially for something so 'from scratch.'  Mahoney could have taken one look at this project and thought, "call the contractor," but he instead dove in headfirst, sketching and drilling and nailing his way to completion. The addition of PANYL to the inside Billy surfaces or Malm drawer fronts would be a great option for sending it over the visual moon.

At a total cost of only $230, this build out is a steal. As Mahoney notes, to recreate it in your home would take some flexibility given the differences in each and every closet. From his post:

After a bit of measuring and a few back-and-forths with my interior design supervisor/wife, we decided to stack some IKEA furniture in the middle, add three hanging rails on each side and reuse the existing large shelf at the top. The resulting design almost doubled our hanging space, and includes four decent sized drawers, 3 half-width shelves and one full-width shelf up high. Note that the plan drawing below is not quite what we ended up with, but is close!

Check out his full list of materials and processes here.