I Believe I Can Ply: Sideways Expedit Storage Hack with Maple Trim


There are hacks that take one IKEA item and reassemble it in a new way. There are hacks that take two IKEA items and combine them into something new.  And then there are hacks that list "ply board" as a main supply. Such is the case with this LifeHacker, Apartment Therapy and IKEA Hackers-featured Expedit turned mid-century modern storage table.  When that many blogs post about a project, you know it's somethin'.

Sindy Stevens explains how the impressive piece came to be:

Turn the bookcase on its side, we had 12mm ply board that we cut to size, sanded the edges and then stained in "maple" coloured stain with a satin finish.Then a few tubes of liquid nails spread onto the bottom sides of the stained ply and clamps to hold the ply in place on the bookcases while the glue dried.It's hard to believe such a nice table came from something so simple.

The way the maple stained ply boards act as trim around the white is divine, and PANYL could be used to decorate this beauty -- should you build one of your own -- even further.  Inside surfaces…and out!