Other People's Palettes: Introducing PANYL Gift Cards

PANYL gift cards

Choice can be a blessing and a curse. The promise and excitement of open-ended possibility are easily choked by waffling, debate, second-guessing and indecision.... followed by complete mental gridlock!!!  Now compound all that by trying to choose a  gift for that special someone...   

Enter PANYL Gift Cards.

Can't decide if you like Celedon more than Pewter (or dots vs stripes, for that matter)?  Not your problem!  Your spouse, your cousin, your man of the house; let's hope they l-o-v-e options.  And if they already know exactly which Billy bookcase finish would go marvelously with their sofa, so much the better! 

So this holiday season, let someone else make the heavy decisions.

PANYL Gift Cards are available in $25, $50 and $100 denominations. There's never been an easier way to pass the buck!