Selection 1

Selection 2

Selection 3

test cropped
test Cinnamon
test Red Hot
test Sunburst
test Tangerine
test Lemon Drop
test Day Glo
test Citron
test Emerald
test Forest
test Malibu
test Azure
test Robins Egg
test Bubblegum
test Hot Pink
test Violet
test Clay
test Thunder
test Pewter
test Slate
test Teal
test Celedon
test High-Gloss White
test White
test Brushed Aluminum
test Dover
test Dune
test Sedona
test Rosewood
test White Cedar
test Pale Oak
test Ebony
test Driftwood
test Black Walnut
test Teak
test Limed Oak
test Poplar

This hackpack is for the $99 IKEA ODDA 3-drawer chest.  Customize your ODDA above:

1.  Select a FINISH for LEFT DRAWER.

2.  Select a FINISH for RIGHT DRAWER.

3.  Select a FINISH for BOTTOM DRAWER.

Click away until you have the combination you like.  The patterns will update in clockwise order.

There are 912 combinations, so have some fun!

**This page requires Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Safari. Sorry for any inconvenience.
3-PANYL ODDA HackPack / $50 + S&H Subtotal