Your PANYL will arrive rolled in a tube. Make sure your work area is clean and free from small pieces of dust.

*All Orders Include a practice PANYL.


Your PANYL may come with a narrow protective border. Peel this off before you start. Flip the PANYL over and peel several inches of the liner.


Fold the exposed backing flat against itself, and crease it tightly along the fold so it stays down. Leave the remainder of the backing attached.

This will help you line up the PANYL more easily in the next step.


Turn the PANYL over so the sticky side faces away from you. Pick it up with your thumbs touching the surface of the PANYL and your other fingers against the folded backing.

Now you are ready to position your PANYL.


Match one corner of your PANYL to a corner of your surface. If your surface has edge banding, the PANYL should lie approximately 1/16” to the inside of the edge banding. Gently press the PANYL against the surface until it begins to stick.

If the alignment isn’t correct, pull the PANYL firmly off of the surface and try again. As long as your surface is clean, the adhesive won't degrade.


Once the first corner is aligned, continue lining up the PANYL along the top edge of your surface, maintaining the 1/16” margin to allow for the edge banding. When both corners are lined up, press down on the second corner to lock it in place, then gently smooth down the PANYL between the two corners. make adjustments at any point by pulling up and repositioning as needed.

You can overstretch so don't go crazy.


With the first edge set, smooth the PANYL over the remainder of the surface. Use one hand to pull the backing away from the underside of the PANYL while using the other hand to smooth the face. If bubbles form, push them towards the outside edge using your finger tips, a squeegee or dry kitchen sponge.

Watch the air magically escape!


Insert a sharp or pointed object into pre-drilled holes from the back and gently push outward until a mark is created. Cut away material over the hole and attach any pulls or handles.