A self-adhesive, DIY furniture covering you just peel, stick and smooth...  PANYL lets you do less, spend less and design more! 


No scissors, no glue, no mess.   Made from a no-VOC, flexible, hi-tech vinyl, PANYL can be applied by anyone in minutes.  It doesn't fade or peel, emits no off-gasses, and can in many cases be removed later without causing any damage to the underlying surface.


PANYL isn't just a technological marvel and a DIY game-changer.  PANYL is serious design.  We choose from hundreds of available styles for a unique and contemporary mix of deeply saturated colors and organic, life-like woodgrains. 


PANYL is as forgiving to install as it is aesthetically bold.  The average dresser is a 30-60 minute undertaking.  As you apply PANYL, air escapes through tiny, etched grooves in the adhesive layer.  If you assemble IKEA furniture, you’re overqualified. 


PANYL won't fully stick until you apply direct pressure.  You can reposition it until you achieve perfect alignment.  After that, PANYL stays put without preventing you from removing it from any hard surfaces without leaving a residue. 


Our assortment of pre-cut, IKEA-compatible products is expanding continually, but our aim is to let you PANYL anything.  PANYL-by-the-foot enables freehand craft.  You skip the sanding, priming, waiting, painting and cleaning.  A clean, hard surface, a sharp utility blade and minimal patience are all that's needed.


If you appreciate modern design, you know what it can cost to achieve it.  When you factor in the benefits of PANYL, it's amazing how little it costs relative to how great it looks.  


We love collaborating with you to fulfill your vision.   Practice PANYLs and simple installation instruction are included, but we're here if you want to ask us for help.  Contact us any time by e-mail, on Facebook, or at our toll-free number:  888-788-2426.

Happy PANYLing!