PANYL aims to provide the broadest possible assortment of low-cost furniture upgrade materials, for as many brands and in as many design categories as possible. In addition, we will always supply bulk materials for those who wish to design their own concepts from scratch.

IKEA's not just a store, it's a lifestyle.

IKEA's crisp design, surprising durability, and constant price drops add up to a strong case for working IKEA further into your lifestyle. Rather than diluting our design vision, IKEA frees us to expand our scope - without having to spend like Philippe Starck with Ian Schraeger's credit card. But IKEA doesn't allow much creative choice. That's where PANYL comes in.

What we offer

We entered the world of self-adhesive interior finishes in order to fill in some of IKEA's blanks: their color blanks; their texture blanks, their idea blanks. The result is PANYL: the do-it-yourself material that enables us to derive even more value from mass-produced, flat-pack furnishings by making them unique. Don't settle for the same old IKEA. PANYL it.

Who we are


Tristam is a veteran set designer who works with some of the biggest names in fashion photography. He is also an interior designer whose work embodies a rich, whimsical style. Two of his more recent projects are Brooklyn Bowl in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and the newly-reopened Capitol Theater in Port Chester, NY. Tristam graduated from Cornell University and did post-graduate studies in the U.C., Berkeley Department of Architecture.


Dan is a long-time media professional with a varied background in the TV and internet industries. Dan was previously the executive director of interactive and a senior financial manager at WNET, the NYC affiliate of PBS. He has a B.A. from Yale, a master's degree in international affairs from Columbia School of International and Public Affairs and an MBA from Columbia Business School.


Sam is an L.A.-based, independent photo artist, commercial photographer, cinematographer, graphic and set designer, whose photgraphy has been exhibited nationally. Sam graduated from Bard College with a B.A. in photography.