November 27, 2013


If you're in search of a special something to make for a special someone, this DIY color block clock from Almost Makes Perfect might be the project for you. It takes only a short time to build and, if done in green or red (or gold, or blue, or...), would make a lovely holiday gift.  

The needed materials (clock base, clock kit, paint, paint brush, tape) should all be available nearby, no matter where you live. ...

November 20, 2013

Day-Glo Come and Me Wanna Go Home: The Squid Cabinet from Moloform

We spotted a dashing, modern take on basic furniture over at Fresh Home that allows you to inject playful brightness into your home.

Moloform’s Squid Cabinet features an asymmetrical drawer layout, more legs than you'd expect, and optional neon "splashes" that fades nimbly into white.  The color choices are day-glo or hot pink.  It’s contemporary design storage as conversation starter. And if you dare to pair, try a Micke, Vara, or any of the...

November 18, 2013

Gender Neutral Nursery Employs PANYL, Other Cost-Saving Products

There is something to be said about not wanting to know the sex of your child before it is born.  Historically, this has been the norm, yet in the age of technology most folks check the element of surprise at the doctor's office door in the name of shopping efficiency and peace of mind.  

But a recent project featured on Project Nursery shows how one mother decided to use her organizing skills to...

November 13, 2013

Babble Expedit Round-up Features the USS PANYL

Babble has published a new slideshow of their favorite IKEA Expedit hacks and they've included our 2012 craft table, the USS PANYL. Excellent company abounds in this round-up post where everything from storage to room divider to banquette is featured. Which is your favorite?!

November 12, 2013

Modern Family: Stripped Down Dining Table Hack Makes Cleaning Easy

"It’s a table that requires the absolute minimum of cleaning.”  Oh yes, tell us more…

This recent IKEA Hackers post incorporates Broder metal shelves into its design to create a highly efficient kitchen table that requires limited cleaning. The occasional vacuum under the table will suffice as this industrial set up cuts down on the barriers to cleaning entry. It's perfect for the messy modern family dinner or the spare storage coffee table needy.

November 07, 2013

Blissfully Bossy Takes On Colin & Justin's PANYL Woodgrain Wonderhack

Sometimes, the need for storage solutions on a budget poses a problem. It's the oldest battle in the book: form versus function; aesthetics versus efficiency. For Samantha of Blissfully Bossy, the solution to this conundrum was inspired by a PANYLblog post about Canadian TV personalities Colin and Justin and their Toronto Star IKEA Malm hack using PANYL. Samantha set about recreating C&J's hack to achieve something both large enough to fit her...

November 05, 2013

A Reclaimed Wood Kura Hack, for Your Country Livin' Kids

The Kura bed is one of the products PANYL offers pre-cut finishes for. It is one of the children's items we offer. And, generally speaking, we think using PANYL to customize your Kura in the woodgrain vein (we offer rare finishes such as Black Walnut, Red Cedar and Driftwood) is going to give you the best chance of getting something unique that you can love for a long time. But this reclaimed...

November 01, 2013

PANYL Profile: Courtney McLeod - From Wall Street to Your Walls

In case you missed the shot heard ‘round the world, PANYL recently moved its base of operations from Los Angeles to Brooklyn. We decided that the best way to settle into our new digs would be to get to know our neighbors, so we began seeking out like-minded folks: People who are excited about PANYL and using it in creative and unexpected ways. The result is this new series of blog posts, PANYL Profiles. Please feel...

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