November 12, 2013

Modern Family: Stripped Down Dining Table Hack Makes Cleaning Easy

"It’s a table that requires the absolute minimum of cleaning.”  Oh yes, tell us more…

This recent IKEA Hackers post incorporates Broder metal shelves into its design to create a highly efficient kitchen table that requires limited cleaning. The occasional vacuum under the table will suffice as this industrial set up cuts down on the barriers to cleaning entry. It's perfect for the messy modern family dinner or the spare storage coffee table needy.

November 07, 2013

Blissfully Bossy Takes On Colin & Justin's PANYL Woodgrain Wonderhack

Sometimes, the need for storage solutions on a budget poses a problem. It's the oldest battle in the book: form versus function; aesthetics versus efficiency. For Samantha of Blissfully Bossy, the solution to this conundrum was inspired by a PANYLblog post about Canadian TV personalities Colin and Justin and their Toronto Star IKEA Malm hack using PANYL. Samantha set about recreating C&J's hack to achieve something both large enough to fit her...

November 05, 2013

A Reclaimed Wood Kura Hack, for Your Country Livin' Kids

The Kura bed is one of the products PANYL offers pre-cut finishes for. It is one of the children's items we offer. And, generally speaking, we think using PANYL to customize your Kura in the woodgrain vein (we offer rare finishes such as Black Walnut, Red Cedar and Driftwood) is going to give you the best chance of getting something unique that you can love for a long time. But this reclaimed...

November 01, 2013

PANYL Profile: Courtney McLeod - From Wall Street to Your Walls

In case you missed the shot heard ‘round the world, PANYL recently moved its base of operations from Los Angeles to Brooklyn. We decided that the best way to settle into our new digs would be to get to know our neighbors, so we began seeking out like-minded folks: People who are excited about PANYL and using it in creative and unexpected ways. The result is this new series of blog posts, PANYL Profiles. Please feel...

October 23, 2013


If there is one famous Shakespeare quote I've keep with me all my adult life it is: "Back-to-back blog posts does a trend a make." So when I saw Mocoloco and Design Crush both dangle the carrot of trending wooden ruggery, I became a bunny rabbit, fast.

Wooden rugs? Seriously!? Seriously. Doesn't sound like the stuff of curl up comfort, does it? But these beauties are changing the way floor (and wall!) design interact with your living...

October 15, 2013

SAGE ADVICE: DIY Rolling Herb Cart Lets You Control Your Growing Environment

This IKEA hack that turns a Raskog kitchen cart into a rolling herb garden is perfect for the crafter/chef/green thumb in your life.  Herb gardens are a wonderful way to keep your cooking fresh and (über) local, but keeping them outside can mean volatile weather and critters.  Spotted on Life Hacker, this hack comes from This Little Street author Audrey who writes:

A few weeks back I saw this mint kitchen cart...

October 10, 2013

Award Winning "Growth Crib" Design is Off the Rails Gorgeous

The Growth Crib from Shang Zhi, Qi Qiu and Surong Sun is an incredible example of form meeting function.  The crib expands as your baby develops and does so while remaining completely freakin' gorgeous.  It earned accolades at the 2012 IDEA Awards according to Yanko Design.

In fact, the crib is built to outlast specific uses for it over time. The rails of the crib become a magazine or towel rack once the crib functionality...

October 07, 2013

In October, Your PANYL Purchase Helps Fund Breast Cancer Research

In 2012, over 200,000 people in the United States were diagnosed with breast cancer. Another 39,920 died as a result of the disease.  But survival rates for all types of cancer have improved significantly. "The 5-year relative survival rate for all cancers diagnosed between 2001 and 2007 is 67%, up from 49% in 1975-1977," according to the American Cancer Society.  And the numbers for breast cancer are even more encouraging at a full 90%, up from 63%...

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