November 05, 2014

Canadian TV Studs Colin and Justin Show You How Easy PANYL is to Apply

Once upon a time in Canada, the exciting design duo Colin and Justin put PANYL to use in a Toronto Star article.  That was an early PR highlight for us considering we love their work and they really have a knack for promoting DIY design and other affordable furniture solutions.

Now, we've been lucky enough to have our second C&J experience, which like the last time we didn't even know was coming! These two guys are...

October 27, 2014

Project (the) Funway: PANYL Drops Prices on Popular Items!

PANYL Project Funway

One of the key reasons we launched PANYL was to offer cost savings to creative shoppers and DIYers who know what they want but can't always afford it.  Design is high on our list of what's most important in life, but so is being able to spend modestly without feeling left out of the fun that modern furniture has to offer.

We are always looking for ways to improve our offerings...

October 06, 2014

Get the look of CB2's Stella Cabinet Using PANYL and IKEA GODMORGON


PANYL IKEA-jacked Godmorgon CB2 Stella Cabinet

About a year and a dozen hacks after we launched PANYL we decided to try something new with the concept of IKEA furniture modification. We wanted to show people that the power of PANYL was not only in the design flexibility it offers, but in the cost-saving doors it can open.  So we unveiled the ODDA hackpack (what we referred to as "IKEA...

September 10, 2014

Shopify Highlights PANYL!

Shopify Badge

PANYL is featured this week on Shopify’s "ecommerce university" as an example of a successful business that used the Internet to launch its product.

The piece features an interview where our co-founder Dan Goldman waxes nostalgic about customizing and tweaking the online PANYL experience time and again. He supplies some background on the company, too:

My business partner and I have been friends since we were 15. He...

August 26, 2014

Listicle Love: PANYL Appears on BuzzFeed!

Buzzfeed logo

In 2014, the holy grail of online articles is the listicle.  And there is perhaps no site which can claim to have created this ticket to viral fame as much as Buzzfeed, the fun and diverse blog turned booming web business.

So it was with pockets full OMG's that we discovered PANYL had been BUZZed last week, in a post about IKEA customization.  The fine folks of Feed listed several of their favorite...

August 04, 2014

IKEA 2015 Catalog Released. PANYLing Opportunities Abound.

IKEA DUKEN queen bed frame 2015

The 2015 IKEA catalog has been released, with a focus on the bed and bath, two of the more personal and private spaces in our lives.  And while buying something only to immediately alter it might seem crazy, PANYL is all about personalization, so we've no choice but to suggest it!

As Patty Lobell, Sales Manager of IKEA U.S, told <i>Home Designing</i>:

"Everyone goes to sleep and wakes up,...

July 28, 2014

Blogger: "If You Can Brush Your Hair You Can Apply PANYL."

This Blone Bee PANYL project

Working isn't everybody's favorite thing to do.  But the environment you work in -- from the people around you to the drawers you keep your stapler in -- can have a big impact on your attitude towards getting things done.  Jordan from This Blonde Bee decided it was time to give her office a quick upgrade and found PANYL as a solution.

Instead of getting a...

July 03, 2014

#BILLYONAIRES: The Look for Less

 PANYL Billyonaires lightning bug

"If I were a rich man, yubby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dum. I'd decorate with watermelon bubblegum."

Ok, so that's not exactly how the fiddler on the roof put it. But the point is this: Having the finer things in life isn't always about a big spend. It isn't always about getting 300 days off to do whatever you want, whenever you want. Often, it's simply about...

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