May 01, 2014

Molly's MALM: Before & After Pics Display the Patchwork Power of PANYL

If you're on our email list (if you're not, join to get free samples!), you probably saw our call for customer photographs earlier this year. A big part of our mission is to showcase as many PANYL projects as possible. After all, we are what you make.

This week, we got an ambitious submission from one Molly Greenberg. Molly's MALM was a gorgeous act of 'imitation is the highest form of flattery.' She explains:

April 29, 2014

Double-Tap Discount. Insta-Savings.

Socializing. It's how we share with and are inspired by the people we love.

PANYL long ago dove headfirst into Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook, discovering amazing new friends, blogs and brands along the way. But we recently realized we were missing out on some serious social inspiration: Instagram. So, we joined up (@PANYLpics), got to posting and now we just can't put this thing down.

Through May, we're...

April 25, 2014

Fort What It's Worth: Texas Blogger Pumps Up PANYL

The best compliments are the ones you don't see coming. And this morning we stumbled on a post full of 'em.

Fort Worth blogger Mid2Mod (Dana to those who frequent her site), discovered PANYL through a giveaway we did with Dans Le Townhouse a while back. And she took all of the benefits of PANYL to heart…even though she hasn't tried us out yet!

She wants endless choices, ease of use, and...

April 23, 2014

Patterns Give Your EXPEDIT New Life!

When IKEA revealed that it was retiring EXPEDIT, the world's most ubiquitous bookcase, the design community erupted into a blog post frenzy. What would we do without the icon of affordable storage?

We'd innovate, that's what. At PANYL, we had already prepared for the EXPEDocalypse, rolling out patterned finishes for the killer Swedish cubbies. With our dots, diagonals, chevrons and must-see Moroccans to choose from, the life of your...

April 21, 2014

Wood-Trimmed Changing Table Hack with Room on the Walls

Over on Dress This Nest, Yvonne is getting all rustic with her EXPEDIT changing table hack.

It's a lovely, straightforward solution to the recently discontinued, plain white storage unit. Check out her basic instructions (which she calls a "copycat" from Young House Love):

1. I don’t have a Kreg jig, so instead of joining the wood panels, I just nailed them all individually to the bookcase.

2. I used the pre-stain wood...

April 02, 2014

Painting Your Furniture is a Good Way to Give a Room New Life. But So is PANYLing It.

A recent Apartment Therapy post features some of the better painted furniture upgrades the Internet has to offer.  The brightly colored pieces are great solutions for situations where walls cannot be altered.  Instead of living in color purgatory, the folks taking these design steps have boosted their quarters by changing what they can.

So we took a look at three of the featured images and found alternatives from the PANYL store so that, if...

March 28, 2014

Hey, Sugar: Coffee Stirrer Keychains

Something as ordinary and disposable as a coffee stirrer is not what one would typically expect as the foundation for a beautiful DIY project. But that is just what Jamie Costiglio implemented for her lovely keychain 'hack' on Pretty Handy Girl.  

As she explains, the Coffee Stirrer Keychain is a perfect party favor or small gift since it's highly customizable (to the giftee's liking) and can fit into the scheme of any situation or...

March 21, 2014


When IKEA revealed that it was retiring the world's most ubiquitous bookcase, the web erupted in EXPLIDITIVES.  “What a KALLAXAMITY!”, they typed in all caps.  Alas, the situation is not nearly as bad as we feared now that, in truly EXPIDITIOUS fashion, the KALLAX has landed! 

Yesterday’s routine IKEA run was met with a curious situation in Aisle 1 of the...

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