Besta Shelf Turned Top Shelf Bunny Hutch Keeps Your Pet Cage-Free

May 13, 2013


Bunny droppings.  How many of us have them?

Ok, so maybe the Whodini reference is a bit obscure for Monday morning.  Nonetheless, this incredibly cute IKEA hack allows you to turn an IKEA Besta shelf into a rabbit hutch that isn't just a poop-filled cage.

Efficient and stylish, this hutch is also a cost-saver.  A quality home for your bunny can run you upwards of $500.  By spending $200 on this shelf, MDF board, and some mesh wire, Evelien Lulofs' hutch fits the high-end bill without you incurring a high-end, um, bill.

This is not to say it's a cinch and Lifehacker, from whom we lifted the link, admits the original instructions fall a bit flat.  But sometimes YOU JUST HAVE TO DO WHAT IT TAKES FOR YOUR BUNNY:

Evelien’s instructions aren’t particularly detailed, especially if you’re a woodwork newbie (in fact, your bunny would probably have a better chance building the hutch than you do). Thankfully, the Dutch rabbit-lover has drawn up some plans which you can see. She has also provided some photos to guide you through the steps. Note that the bottom of the cage should be half mesh for the rabbit’s droppings to fall into so that it isn’t forced to sit in its own waste.


Rabbits are among the cutest of pets but their accommodations can be eyesores.  This design allows you to have your bunny and eat it, too.  Wait, no.  I mean, have it eat it, too (alongside you in your home without giving the impression that you are running a zoo startup).

Incorporate PANYL's Robin's Egg blue to boost the adorability factor while proliferating one of the longest standing, holiday-driven, animal-to-color relationships of all-time :)

Lulofs' work is highly impressive across the board as evidenced by her Pinterest page.




How do you get the wire grid to stick inside the door frame? and when you keep your bunny in here how do you keep the doors closed without him pushing them open? did you use tile on both sides? Last question, on the right side what is that level for when their is no ramp for the rabbit to get up their?

Thanks for you time!



June 09, 2013

Could you make a video of how to make it.


June 07, 2014

I truly love this Hutch but have a few questions. Now that you have had this hutch for a while has it been able to withstand the wear and tare of a rabbit. Has the bunny been able to get to the second level without a ramp? And lastly I am getting two Netherland Dwarf rabbits. Do you believe this space is a large enough for two of these cuddly creatures!

Thank you! it is truly beautiful!


June 23, 2014

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