IKEA's Cardboard Camera...KNAPPA.

IKEA recently shook things up with the unveiling of their very own television, but at Milan Design Week 2012 they went one further (or, perhaps, several shorter) by distributing digital cameras made of cardboard. The reason for the cardboard? It's all part of the promotion of the PS (Post Scriptum) line which is re-emerging from hiatus since 2009 and focuses on earth-conscious materials, according to Ikea Fans:

The 2012 collection features products across the furniture range: chairs, tables, lamps, bowls, textiles, pictures and more made from materials like recyclable mattress pocket springs, bamboo, sustainable fabrics like linen, recycled PET plastic, and innovative wood-plastic composites and use LED lighting to support sustainability.

Click here for a nifty graphic showing previous PS lines dating back to 1995.

Release of the 2012 PS line is slated for August. One of the cardboard cameras, called KNAPPA, will come with PS purchases in select stores. They hold 40 digital photographs and feature USB transferability.