Creatively Thinking About Creativity

April 23, 2012

It might seem strange to say, but creativity has become a bit of a hot-button topic of late. Time Magazine did a piece on how sleep and dreams effect creativity and Jonah Lehrer's new book, "Imagine: How Creativity Works," landed the author on the Colbert Report, giving the host a chance to quip that Lehrer ripped off John Lennon for his book title. Oh, snarky Stephen. But it's another John who has the PANYLblog buzzing about the the ways which we create.

John Cleese is best known for his role with the Monty Python players and, frankly, having to clarify that makes us feel a bit old. But his lectures are a joy, too. His five factors to make your life more creative, via the @BrainPicker blog, is from a 1991 lecture and though some of this may seem second nature to the constantly creative, to witness someone of Cleese's creative esteem spelling out the basics of his process is nonetheless inspiring. #1 is "creating a space for yourself," one where you can shut yourself off from the pressures of the world, allowing a person to be "playful."

Like when we weren't feeling a bit old.

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