April 13, 2012

The on-again, off-again jobs recovery in the U.S. means the task of getting a (better) job is just as daunting as ever these days. Even if the job hunter has a resume packed with poignant experience and powerful recommendations, what's the guarantee that anyone will ever take the time to read through it with the applicant pool rising through the roof?

The resume stack has almost always been a pile of black and white Times New Roman, formatted in Microsoft Word. Enter Loft Resumes, a company that commissions "craftsmen trained to view your resume through the eyes of an artist and the mind of an employer." The craftsmen tighten up your fonts, add a color palette and try to give you something that stands out aesthetically.

At $99 on the low end, it's certainly cheaper than hiring a career councilor to reformat your Google Doc. Loft won't proofread your list of degrees or the mission statement you put together for that internship way-back-when, so you're still responsible for those not-so-minor details. But Loft's designs are clean, balanced, and varied, with nearly 50 templates currently available.

This recalls a familiar concept, popularized in the blogosphere: the use of Wordpress or Tumblr themes to make your blog appear more 'yours' than the next. Although to a degree this is diametrically opposed to DIY, it nonetheless struck a chord around here: here's this thing (a resume) that everybody needs and everybody has, and a company has come along to try and help you spruce it up, breathe new life into, and make it your own.

Originally spotted at Hidden List.

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