April 02, 2014

Painting Your Furniture is a Good Way to Give a Room New Life. But So is PANYLing It.

A recent Apartment Therapy post features some of the better painted furniture upgrades the Internet has to offer.  The brightly colored pieces are great solutions for situations where walls cannot be altered.  Instead of living in color purgatory, the folks taking these design steps have boosted their quarters by changing what they can.

So we took a look at three of the featured images and found alternatives from the PANYL store so that, if...

March 28, 2014

Hey, Sugar: Coffee Stirrer Keychains

Something as ordinary and disposable as a coffee stirrer is not what one would typically expect as the foundation for a beautiful DIY project. But that is just what Jamie Costiglio implemented for her lovely keychain 'hack' on Pretty Handy Girl.  

As she explains, the Coffee Stirrer Keychain is a perfect party favor or small gift since it's highly customizable (to the giftee's liking) and can fit into the scheme of any situation or...

March 21, 2014


When IKEA revealed that it was retiring the world's most ubiquitous bookcase, the web erupted in EXPLIDITIVES.  “What a KALLAXAMITY!”, they typed in all caps.  Alas, the situation is not nearly as bad as we feared now that, in truly EXPIDITIOUS fashion, the KALLAX has landed! 

Yesterday’s routine IKEA run was met with a curious situation in Aisle 1 of the...

March 19, 2014

Today in Yes: Minimalist Fauxdenza Hack

One, two, three, faux.

Faux fur.  Faux hawk.  Fauxdenza.

That's right, another awesome mid-century credenza-ish hack has appeared online (we spotted it over at Apartment Therapy), that will help you organize or store stuff in style. This is the perfect hack for an entryway or home office, requiring minimal work and a minimum budget.

And we don't need to tell you PANYL could easily play here. Custom-cut PANYL patterns or solids, no matter the...

March 17, 2014

IKEA PS2014 Collection: From Small-Space to the "Dream of a Beautiful, Functional Home"

By itself it is a cute addition to a child's room.  With a bit of vision it can become almost anything. 

IKEA has unveiled its new PS collection, a hacker- and designer-friendly combination of furniture and accessories stretching the spectrum from basic to avant-garde.  The new line, which sports a teaser video (below), features 40 pieces and was in planning for nearly five years.  PS 2014 is aimed at young, urban shoppers and focuses...

March 11, 2014

Nine West Campaign Features Hot Pink PANYL!

Don't look now (said the blog post entirely about looking now), but PANYL's Hot Pink hue is all up on the Nine West website!

The company recently did a photo shoot using Expedit units with interior PANYL to display their pumps, bags, boots, sandals and more.

PANYLing the inside walls of your storage unit can be an amazing way to add some life to your storage area. You can find the 15 1/4" x...

March 06, 2014

Stuart Haygarth's Toy-Inspired High Design Will Melt Your Mind


At the Carpenters Workshop Gallery branch in Paris, 13 pieces are on display by English artist/carpenter/scavenger Stuart Haygarth.  His show, titled “Play,” uses incredibly novel design techniques to create furniture out of what were, in a previous life, merely toys.  Haygarth turns ordinary found items extraordinary.

He explained the premise to the Carpenters Workshop Gallery:

"Starting in 2004 I have been working on design projects which revolve around the collections of...

February 28, 2014

The EXPEDIT Is Dead! Long Live the EXPEDIT (Using PANYL!)

By now you've heard the news: IKEA is discontinuing its wildly popular, seemingly untouchable EXPEDIT line.  Sigh if you haven't yet sighed.

NOW REJOICE! Because here at PANYL HQ we're seeing a Pinterest board worth of silver linings from this development.

Sure, collectors of 12" vinyl records are fuming because IKEA is killing off what they unknowingly made the most popular LP display tool since the record player itself. But the...

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