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PANYL by-the-foot

PANYL by-the-foot


Painting Your Furniture is a Good Way to Give a Room New Life. But So is PANYLing It.

April 02, 2014

A recent Apartment Therapy post features some of the better painted furniture upgrades the Internet has to offer.  The brightly colored pieces are great solutions for situations where walls cannot be altered.  Instead of living in color purgatory, the folks taking these design steps have boosted their quarters by changing what they can.

So we took a look at three of the featured images and found alternatives from the PANYL store so that, if you're...

Hey, Sugar: Coffee Stirrer Keychains

March 28, 2014

Something as ordinary and disposable as a coffee stirrer is not what one would typically expect as the foundation for a beautiful DIY project. But that is just what Jamie Costiglio implemented for her lovely keychain 'hack' on Pretty Handy Girl.  

As she explains, the Coffee Stirrer Keychain is a perfect party favor or small gift since it's highly customizable (to the giftee's liking) and can fit into the scheme of any situation or holiday.


As seen in:

 PANYL-as-seen-in-apartment-therapy-default  PANYL-as-seen-in-babble  PANYL-as-seen-in-centsational-girl  PANYL-as-seen-in-ikea-hackers  PANYL-as-seen-in-lifehacker

Customizing your IKEA furniture has never been easier. Get the look you want without the expense. PANYL looks fantastic, and is easy apply and fun to design with.